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T + M // IN HOME

Spending time with Taylor and Mitchell is like hanging out with your best friends (who have really good taste in design + basically all things lifestyle) that you didn't know you had. 

We spent the afternoon with them in their South Lake Union apartment one winter morning, and we laughed more than we knew was humanly possible. Not only are these two radiating with joy and comfort in the presence of one another, they welcome you to join in on the comfort as well. We ate doughnuts, drank tea, spun records, played with the cat, danced in the living room, jumped on the bed, you name it - we did it. Everything you could imagine on a perfect Sunday afternoon was encapsulated in their tiny little corner of the city. 

We are so lucky to have worked so closely with Taylor (who is our bomb graphic designer, fyi) and hold a friendship with them as a couple. We look forward to many more perfectly-curated afternoons with you, pals. 

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