LILAC + TWINE // Seattle Wedding Photography
for wild hearts






WEDDINGS // starting at $2800


$400 portrait session (engagement or day-after)
$400/hr wedding coverage (6 hour minimum)
2 photographers on day of wedding (Ash + Cam)
400-600 edited digital images in an online gallery
2 month image turnaround
+ all travel and accommodation expenses if out of Seattle area




     5 hours of photography coverage
     2 photographers (Ash + Cam)
     all travel and accommodation expenses
     200-400 edited digital images in an online gallery
     2 month image turnaround




          1-2 hour session
          1 photographer
          60-80 edited digital images in an online gallery
          2 week image turnaround




Do you travel?

Absolutely, yes! Our bags our packed and our passports are at the ready! (Seriously) We find such inspiration and gratitude in being able to travel to the places that mean the world you, whether in the States or abroad. For elopements and weddings outside of the Seattle area, all we need is airfare and two nights accommodation. Let's talk about where you want to explore!


How long will our portrait session be? 

Our portrait sessions usually take 1-2 hours, depending on event, weather, outfit changes, etc. Ideally, we would love for you to block off the whole day so that way we can grab some coffee beforehand, chat a little bit, make a plan for the feel of the shoot, and leave time for driving and exploring. We believe that making time to tell your story is the most important, not a strict timeframe.


What if I don't want to do much walking during my shoot? 

If you aren't up for an adventure during your portrait/bridal session we might not be the right fit for you. We love getting our feet dirty, roughing up the bottom of the dress, and finding the wildest locations to shout your love from. We are super mindful of ability levels, so don't hesitate to let us know about any accommodations you might need!


What should we wear to our shoot? 

Wear your favorite outfit! You love that flowing gown that you only break out for special occasions? Wear it. You love your torn up jeans that you live in every day? Rock 'em. We want you to wear what you feel most comfortable in, because this shoot is about capturing you and the one you love in your most comfortable state - together. Try to keep the looks between you cohesive (don't mix your gown and ripped jeans), and stay away from loud, distracting logos.
We are happy to style consult if needed!


What if it rains (which is highly likely here in Seattle)?

We are not a huge fan of umbrellas, but we are huge fans of making art in the rain. If it is just sprinkling on the day of your session, we will play it by ear and see how wet we can manage to get before it isn't working. If it's pouring rain, we can embrace it and dance in the streets in our wellies, or reschedule for another day. 

If it rains on your wedding day, we will improvise. We are very good at finding lovely light in the tiniest of corners and covered back alleys. Yes, rain rain go away would be ideal for the big day, but we simply do not live in a place with predictable weather. Don't fret, this isn't our first rodeo. We will figure it out! 


We've never met, how do we know we will get along well? 

We love new friends! We are both chill introverts with a knack for and genuine love of connecting with people. We will send you a couple of questions to answer before your session so that we can get to know you on paper a little better, and then meet up for some warm beverages before we shoot. (Don't like coffee? No worries, neither does Ash. We can provide hot chocolate instead!)

If you are hoping to book a wedding with us, we will try our very hardest to schedule a meet-n-greet with you so that we can make sure our personalities fit well together! If we can't make it work in person, we will have a Skype date with you and your love. This way we can answer any questions you may have that are hard to ask via email, and squeeze in a few laughs and tv show recommendations while we're at it. 


do you offer package discounts?

We don't offer discounts for one simple reason - we value our work! If we didn't value it, neither would you, and our collaboration with you is central to our art! If our packages are just a hair out of your price range, let's talk. Shoot us a message with your questions + concerns and we will see if we can tailor a package to meet everybody's needs. We hate turning away new pals, so just reach out!