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FIRST LOOKS // Why we love 'em

While driving around with my engaged best friend, we quickly arrived at the topic of first looks. "What's your opinion?" she asked me, probably not ready for the over-excited amount of information I was about to throw at her.

Simply put, we love first looks. And because they're one of the most frequent things we're asked about, we wanted to put together a list of the reasons why!


the first time you set eyes on each other is intimate + private + pressure-free

The morning of your wedding day can be a little hectic with getting ready, greeting friends and family, and making sure all the final details come together. A first look for you and your love means 10-15 minutes to yourselves to laugh, breathe, and get rid of any pre-ceremony jitters. It's such a special moment to be alone and remember what your love means to you before you walk down that aisle.


IT makes for an easy + flowing timeline throughout the day

Since you two have already seen each other, this means we can get a lot more done before the ceremony, including bridal party portraits as well as some family shots! After your initial first look, we like to steal you away for about 30 minutes of portraits. This is one of our favorite times of the day when you're so crazy excited but also relaxed and at your most comfortable with each other. After your couples portraits we can then photograph the entire bridal party and also gather any family members who are ready. This frees up the time after your ceremony to get straight to the party! (It's also so much easier to organize family members before everyone has made their way to the food and drinks!)


you can relax + kiss those nerves away (literally)

There's nothing like some secret kisses and hugs to get rid of any nerves as you get ready to share your love in front of everyone. You can use this time to slow down and recharge. Remember this feeling and let the emotions flow.

You'll be so glad you had these moments of quiet to just be together.