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2016, what a whirlwind you were.

We somehow found ourselves over 5,000 miles apart, separated by an expanse of ocean and (usually) nonexistent internet connections. Ash jetted off to Ireland in January, bursting with excitement to throw herself into a year of au-pairing, traveling, and more personal growth than she could have predicted. Cam held down the Seattle fort, jumping into new projects, scoring a sweet job, and planning her own European adventure. We spent 10 days on the same continent.

While this year apart had its many challenges, we feel out-of-our-minds lucky! All together we stood in 37 new places, took 54 flights, and rode on more buses/trains than is humanly possible to calculate. It's a pretty hard act to follow, but we are so excited for what this year holds for L+T.
Thank you to everyone who shared their love, stories, homes and families with us.

Ash + Cam