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BAILEY + RYAN // Wisconsin Engagement


Having your best friend also be your soulmate is a truly wonderful thing.

Bailey and I became friends the summer after freshman year of high school when we both decided that summer cross country training would be a "fun" idea. We woke up at 6am every morning and ran multiple miles at a time, all the while laughing about how preposterous this concept was - needless to say, the whole running for fun thing didn't stick. Through that summer, we saw something in each other that was undeniable. That summer began a lifetime of deep friendship between the two of us. 

Bailey and I have been through travel, adventure, heartbreak, soul-searching, and just about everything life has to offer together. I will save all the sappy details for my speech at their wedding, but let's just say that when B first told me about Ryan, I knew he was important. 

Fast forward to Ryan and I spending months scheming the perfect proposal - complete with a gazebo, twinkle lights, champagne and flowers... and followed with pizza, beer and some good music. It was an honor to be there when she said yes to spending forever with this man who is kind, compassionate, funny and completely adores her. I couldn't ask for a better partner for the one who sees my soul so clearly. 

Their laughter is contagious, their bond is blatantly obvious, and their love is beaming. Bailey glows when she is with Ryan, and equally the other way around. I can't wait to be by her side as they walk through marriage together.