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G + A // Albuquerque, NM

I have known Grace since I began middle school. To be completely honest, I didn't like her much at first. She had just moved into a house in my neighborhood in which a friend of mine once lived, and tween Camille felt like she was trying to replace my friend. Fast forward a few months and all of those apprehensions disappeared as Grace became one of my closest friends. Throughout middle and high school we were inseparable - constantly at each other's houses (which were exactly 200 steps away from one another), swimming in the Albuquerque sunshine, practicing our clarinets (or at least pretending to), singing along to the Hannah Montana soundtrack, and soaking up every moment together. 

As high school ended, we moved across the country from one another - I to Washington and Grace to Texas. Even through distance, we stayed in touch constantly. I have memories of when Grace and Andy first became friends - she insisted that she didn't like him and that their friendship was purely platonic, but I think we all knew that a spark was there. Over the years they *finally* got together and everything about them simply makes sense. The way they banter back and forth with sassy jokes, how they love to cook together, and how their separate lives so gracefully (no pun intended) fell into one.

It was an honor to document the day that the two joined in matrimony, both as her friend and her photographer. What joy that we find friends in this life who invite us to share our passions with them on some of the biggest days of their lives. I hope everyone has friends like Grace + Andy in their life, because they are simply the best. 

Cam (+ Ash)