LILAC + TWINE // Seattle Wedding Photography
for wild hearts




We're Camille and Ashley, two soul sisters who met in art school and go together like peanut butter + jelly. Our friendship is comprised of piles of art books, expired film, and countless adventures set to the melody of Gregory Alan Isakov. 

Our style is simple. We are artists who believe in the magic of a perfect corner of light, thrive on laughter that can't be contained, and think that art is best made in community and collaboration. We chase stories all over our Pacific Northwest home + as far as our passports will take us.

Our boots are forever muddy. Our bags are packed. We'll always forgo tradition to follow wild hearts up the side of a mountain and into the depths of their love.

We'll meet you there.

Ash + Cam






“Ashley and Camille provided us with beautiful wedding photographs that we will cherish for years to come. They were able to capture the joy, love, happiness, and celebration start to finish - from our day of preparations to our venue to our wedding day without us ever feeling like they were in our faces.

Their kindness and thoughtfulness throughout the day was much appreciated as they constantly checked in on us and made sure we had everything we needed and helped us stay calm during the events of the day. They were focused, professional, and attentive behind the lens and so much fun to work with during all the other little details.”



“Camille & Ashley are two of the most thoughtful, creative, articulate and professional people I have encountered. The idea of planning a wedding is daunting, but finding kind and genuine partners along the way is what makes the process totally worth it.

Ashley and Camille not only provided beautiful wedding photographs, but they were our champions on our wedding day, giving us time to reflect, breathe and enjoy the day. I am beyond honored and grateful to have spent our wedding day with them. We had several meetings beforehand to discuss logistics, which was incredibly helpful, but it was also just so nice to get to know each other before our wedding day.

They were timely in providing our photos and communicated with us every step of the way. Their kindness, creativity, skill and thoughtfulness is unmatched - they made our wedding day truly special. We absolutely loved working with them!”


"Going to art school with Camille and Ashley, I often got to see their photography and was acquainted with both of their aesthetics. I was always a fan of their vision and eye. When Jarod and I started wedding planning, I knew from the start I wanted someone who I trusted - artistically, relationally and technically. I knew Ashley and Camille both had teamed up to photograph weddings in the past - so for us, they seemed a very obvious choice. 

These two were amazing to work with! They are exceptional listeners and so sensitive to what the needs and wants of their clients are, and at the same time, are strong creative directors and know what decisions need to be made when. They made us feel really taken care of and relieved our wedding planning stresses when we met during the planning process, and on the day of, they navigated hiccups and family drama so gracefully. 

Cam and Ash are not just passionate about beautiful photos, but are passionate about their clients. They involve their hearts and minds, so that every photo is not just stunning, but genuine and natural. The pictures we have are straight out of a dream!! They are some of the most amazing wedding pictures I've seen, and I can't believe they are of OUR wedding. 

They got our photos back to us way sooner than expected, and kept us up to date with the editing process the whole time. And they even sent us a little surprise package shortly thereafter, complete with adorable prints of some of the best shots, and a heartfelt thank you note that we still have on our fridge. For all that you get with Lilac + Twine - the experience, the creative direction, the sensitive listeners, and the GORGEOUS photos - it is a massive deal! What L+T have to offer your wedding is priceless."


"Ashley and Camille are wonderful human beings who just so happen to posses tremendous talent with capturing the essence of what it means to be in love. They made my girlfriend and I feel extremely comfortable during our shoot in the Snoqualmie Pass (which is hard for me as I'm usually the one photographing people!) 

Cam and Ash are an amazing team, working with such unison and fluidity, and it shows with the photos they create. Keeping to the roots of what makes beautiful wedding and couple photography, they spin their own creative, personal touches on the photographs and on the shoot, setting them apart in skill as well as making their subjects feel at ease and comfortable. We will cherish the photos forever, as well as the time we spent hiking through the foggy forests of the Pacific Northwest with Ash and Cam. Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies!! Amelia and I couldn't recommend you enough."




"Ash and Cam did an amazing job, not just of photographing our event, but also of capturing the love, joy, and personalities we want to remember from our wedding. Their professionalism kept us on time and family members in line while their excitement made the whole experience fun and relaxing. We were so grateful that they were part of our day.

To summarize, five stars - product exceeded expectations."



"We cannot say enough great things about our experience working with Lilac + Twine! I can get pretty camera-shy, so the idea of an in-home and personal shoot had me feeling a little nervous. I love how comfortable and relaxed (and hilarious) the whole experience was, I am still grinning ear to ear just thinking about it!

I think the most impressive aspect was how effortless it was for them to take the most BEAUTIFUL shots! Areas, angles and moments in our home that we didn’t see the beauty of until these two talented women brought in their stunning point of views. Thank you again for such a great experience!"